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wilywars_archive's Journal

This journal should be viewed with discretion.

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Created on 2011-12-23 02:12:10 (#1208196), last updated 2017-09-12 (1 week ago)

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Birthdate:May 15
Location:United States of America
Short form? Roleplay journal, don't own the characters, not making any money off this, please don't sue me, just AU funtime pretendy games. Got it? Good.

Longer form: This started off as an archive for roleplay threads from several journals on Livejournal, due to my no longer being able to read those threads easily on Livejournal itself due to 'Release 88'. After a lot of consideration, I'm also going to use it to play those charas over here who I haven't made separate journals here for yet... best to test the waters and see if they need a journal before ending up with a hundred free ones again.

About Ratings:
I never had the best grasp on the ratings they put on TV shows, and then they went and changed 'em on me. My best guess is that, back in the day, if this journal were TV it would be somewhere between PG-13 and R. Here are the reasons:
1: Language - Despite any attempts by Roll to do something about this, some Wilybots and others may use profanity. This can include swearwords in English, German, Japanese, and possibly other languages as well.
2: Violence - WilyWars in particular is an AU based on a platformer game where, hey, people and things get shot! The Wilybots in particular were originally designed as weapons. So it should not be too much of a surprise to realize that there are probably going to be some fight scenes in here. Some don't get too graphic, but there have been some exceptions and descriptive moments.
3: Crossdressing - Star happens to like wearing frilly underthings and fishnet hose. The other Wilybots don't even really notice anymore. I could also mention how Kuja dresses, but it seems skirts were unisex wear on Terra so he's actually not crossdressing. But if FF9 offended you because of that outfit maybe you should read something else.
4: Spoilers - If you haven't played through the entire series of MegaMan games up to at least ZX (and Legends is being considered), then various storylines might contain spoilers for those. Anything with Regulus Black runs risk of spoilers for the Harry Potter books, though with an AU slant. Anything with FF9 charas might have spoilers for that game... and so on. Basically, expect that there might be spoilers from whatever fiction said chara is originally drawn from (or from an AU of). Additionally, the Star Wars Crossover with Dynamo and Spider will have massive spoilers for every tabletop Star Wars scenario used, since that storyline's basically being done by playing them through said scenarios.

What you won't find here: Sex scenes or RPed porn. I just don't find it interesting. Scenes like that will fade to black. There may be times when you can be pretty sure some charas did something at some point, but the something in question is not going to be played out. Sorry.
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